• Jun162017


    Hi all… So for the next 10 days I am away on holidays. You are welcome to purchase from my…

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  • Jun032017

    Ireland Tour 2017 – Wicklow

    Mk1 Golf Owners Club Ireland Meet Wicklow 2017 – is on the weekend of the 29th September – 1st October…

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  • May192017

    Steering Wheel Refurbishment Service

    Hi all… Just had this completed for a customer of mine – his Mk1 Golf GTI – 4 Button Campaign…

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  • May022017

    Buy an XL Deflector in May – Free Gift

    Hi all… For the month of May if you buy an XL Deflector from my website – I will include a…

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  • Apr302017

    ReinisB Photography & Dubshed Article

    Hi all… Check out this article by ReinisB Photography on Dubshed 2017. Dubshed Report 2017  He has a couple of nice…

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  • Apr262017

    Boot Build Sticker

    Hi all… A question which comes up regularly when machining vin plates is how do you get the build date?…

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  • Apr192017

    History of the VW Golf

    The Volkswagen Golf is currently the 3rd best selling car in the world, with close to 30 million produced since…

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  • Apr152017

    Dubshed 2017 Videos


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  • Apr102017

    Top Twenty Prize @ Dubshed 2017

    Hi all… Delighted with my top twenty prize for my Mk1 tintop at Dubshed 2017 in the Eikon Exhibition Center.…

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  • Apr072017

    Tintop prepped and ready for Dubshed 2017

    Hi all Just a few pics of the tintop after it prep and detail for this weekends show in Belfast…

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  • Mar312017

    Trade Stand @ Dubshed 2017

    Hi all… So another new venture and adventure starts at Dubshed next weekend where with the help of two fellow…

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  • Mar302017

    BBS RM 012 Wheels…

    Hi all… So with Dubshed approaching I felt the need to return to s set of BBS’s wheels on the…

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  • Mar192017

    Face lift Golf 2017

    The predictably subtle mid-life changes brought to the Golf are designed to improve the overall competitiveness of the seventh-generation model…

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  • Mar172017

    St Patrick’s Day

    Hi all… Happy St Patrick’s Day… Please use Coupon StPatrick2017 to receive a 17% discount on my website – this…

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  • Mar112017

    Mk1 Owner Club Meet 2017

    Now in its thirteenth year, the dedicated Annual Gathering for the MK1 Golf Owners Club is to be held at…

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  • Feb282017

    Two steering wheels in the shop!

    Hi all… Just put two minty steering wheels in the shop… Check them out… look brilliant. Check the shop for…

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  • Feb262017

    Couple of Mk1 Sportline’s on eBay

    Hi all… Two nice sportline examples on eBay tonight, bought running auctions… The Black one is an L registration too…

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  • Feb262017

    New Website Numberplates

    Hi all… Picked these up last week from Sticker Pig on Facebook. Nice website numbers plates in VW font with…

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  • Feb012017

    Dubshed 2017

    GTINI has grown Dubshed from small beginnings at the King’s Hall in Belfast, to a massive 2 day show encompassing…

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  • Jan292017

    Coolant and Anti freeze – all you need to know…

    The car’s cooling system is vital to the health of an engine and though our minds turn to topping up…

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  • Jan162017

    Some new parts in the shop – check them out…

    Hi all… So need to move a few bits on and make space for more! Mk1 Golf Heckleblende @ €175…

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  • Jan112017

    Kilkenny Motor Club Calendar 2017

    Hi all… Delighted to see some of our cars feature on the Kilkenny Motor Club 2017 calendar, especially the group…

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  • Jan062017

    January Discount!

    Hi all… So with the new year in full swing I am trying to make way for some new stock…

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  • Dec282016 Forum

    Hi all cabriolet owners… I’m sure most of you know about this website but if you don’t you should check…

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