Gareth’s Sportline – J65 CYY

Gareth’s Sportline – J65 CYY
August 29, 2017 Hugh Coffey

A few lines from Gareth… A few years ago, I bought myself a Mk1 golf Cabriolet of eBay from a young lad up in Scotland. I took a gamble and it paid off. It was mechanically sound but the exterior needed doing. After phoning round a few places I was no where nearer getting it sorted and the opportunity came up for me to get a different car so I sold it. What a mistake!

I’d been searching the web for what seems like months after a replacement having sold the new car. Luckily, I came across a sport line on car and classics hours after it had been advertised, in France. Contacting Bill, the owner I found out he’d moved over there some 16 years ago and taken the car with him. He told me it had been in a barn for 11 of those years getting taken out now and again and for servicing and it’s mot. This all coincided with the family holiday so as we were heading out of the door to the airport I was on FaceTime having a look around it.

I wasn’t too popular for the 1st few days of the holiday as I spent it emailing and face timing Bill.

I sold the trip to my better half as an anniversary trip and off we went the following Saturday. A quick stop off in Lyon then on to Bills who had kindly offered to put us up for the night. The following morning we headed off to Paris in a car that had only driven a few hundred miles in the last 11 years. Fingers crossed. Apart from a little bit of overheating in Paris it got us back to the UK.

I needed to get an mot as soon as we arrived in Britain so I’d booked it into Halfords in Dover. Waiting like a man expectant father I was thrilled to learn it had passed and even more happy at the comments made by the mechanics. So off home to Chester. Again, a bit of overheating, this time as we headed into the Dartford crossing, panicked us a bit but we managed to get to the nearest services to let it cool down.

As the rain poured down we motored up the country completing a journey of 700 miles. What a car!

Since getting it home I’ve had it checked over and all its needed was a new coolant pipe and a fuel pump.

Worth every penny and what an adventure bringing it home.

It looks a very tidy example and a great story of your 700 mile journey home to share with us!

Best of luck with it…