Boot Build Sticker

Boot Build Sticker
April 26, 2017 Hugh Coffey

Hi all…

A question which comes up regularly when machining vin plates is how do you get the build date?

Two ways of establishing your build date is to look for the bar code on the front panel like below:


Check your boot sticker…

More often than not the sticker looks like above…

So to decode it: ’23 – 4′ are the week of the year and day of the week in that order.

Days of the week are calculated from Monday to Sunday therefore Monday is ‘1’, Tuesday ‘2’ and so on. This is ‘4’ which is Thursday.

The weeks themselves are calculated from the 1st January regardless of what day of the week this falls on.

This car was therefore manufactured on Thursday 2nd June 1983.

The 9615 refers to 9 some internal VW number and the 615 is the product number off the production line. (So I believe)

A couple of good sites with more info are:

Dating your Volkswagen

Cheers Hugh.