Iain’s J Reg Sportline

Iain’s J Reg Sportline
April 20, 2016 Hugh Coffey

Hello all…

I needed a classic old school convertible in my life, so sold my Mk 5  Golf R32 and purchased the Sportline.

I collected my Golf from a chap in Somerset after purchasing it from eBay without viewing. I then had to get the RAC to do a quick patch up and start it before I embarked on the most frightening motoring experience of my life, back  home to Cornwall.

The Golf went straight into my local garage and After a massive catalogue of repairs and new bits, we are now almost ready for the summer.

Cylinder rebore and hone with new Pistons. Con rods, crank shaft and fly wheel all balanced, head skimmed, new valves and valve guides, valve seats machined, new clutch, new fuel injectors, new starter motor, new steering rack, new break assemblies front and rear, new fuse board and relays. Plus much more!!!





I now have a bit of body work to complete and and few bits to the interior and the Sportline should be as good as new.

Wow Iain – much credit to you on the extensive restoration in which you have done – car looks great! 

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