Matt’s L Sportline… maybe the last?

Matt’s L Sportline… maybe the last?
February 18, 2016 Hugh Coffey

Hi all… With great pleasure I introduce possibly the last surviving sportline registered in the UK… dated the 30th December 1993.

It’s Matt’s pride and joy…


I have owned numerous Mk1 GTI’s, all hardtops, along with a Mk2 GTI 16v but I always longed for a Sportline! It had to be red and it’s a bonus being such a late model. The documentation I have is prolific! I do believe the Mk1 Sportline is one of the best looking cars on the road from any period! I knew I wanted one when I was in France sitting outside a cafe. A Sportline pulled up with the hood down closely followed by a Ferrari F355…  the Golf had more kudos and everyone asked about it! The Ferrari driver looked put out! (you cannot buy style)… They are a design icon not yet realised by the classic car masses but they will be…

Wow… it truly is in immaculate condition – can’t wait for the summer month and get that hood down!

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