Maria’s K Reg Sportline

Maria’s K Reg Sportline
February 16, 2016 Hugh Coffey

Maria & Neil’s Red Sportline K247 EHX

After owning a white mk1 Cabriolet me and Neil decided we wanted to up the anty and try and find a nice Rivage or Sportline. We didn’t realise how difficult this would be as any that come up for sale with lower mileage and good history seem to sell before we had any chance of even asking about the car!!


As I have looked back through Hughs website and his register, which is brilliant may I add, it seems that about two years ago these cars were half the price and a lot easier to acquire. Now is a completely different ball game.

I found our sportline through perseverance and hard hunting and drove up to Leeds this Saturday (9hr round trip) and got her home safely.


We are now the VERY proud owners of this sportline with 5 owners, 107k miles, full Service history  (serviced before 10k miles every year) and tons of old paperwork. Mileage verified and just last year the engine had £600 of engine work carried out. Has also had new clutch and work to the gear box recently.

Jobs to do. The car is very original and only modification is the coilovers and VDO’S. So I plan to remove the VDO’S and the coil overs and get standard suspension and put the electric roof switch back where it belongs. Only other disappointment was the bad clutch cable bulk head repair. So a nice plate replacement and spray should do the job. The interior is mint and the bodywork isn’t far behind. A nice steam clean for the interior and a bit of detailing and I’m going to be having some fun times in this sportline, hopefully including the AGM.


I would like to thank Hugh for all his advice and help on finding the right car. Great guy and website !! Cheers 🙂

Thanks Maria for your kind works and hey what a stunner of a sportline! Best wishes and look forward to seeing in the Summer!

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