Thomas Sportline in Germany

Thomas Sportline in Germany
August 14, 2015 Hugh Coffey

I own and had a few mk1 cabrios.

The first one was a mk1 from 1981 with the 1.6L 110ps EG engine (the original GTI machine) in dark blue metallic, black leather interior, blue vinyl top, koni yellow springs, deep black fifft tail lights and shocks and the rest of the car stock. sadly i have no picture of it. it died after an accident, in a curve, a taxi drove into me from the front.

The second mk1 was a 1991 flash red sportline, original interior, Sebring exhaust,Jamex springs, black fifft tail lights, Azev 7j 15″ et25 wheels with 195/50/15 tires – at first with the original plastic top which i renewed and invested in a vinyl top. had a few minor accidents with the car, it was quite easily fixed. after loosing control of the car in rain on the highway though, i really screwed that one, i stripped the car and made an overhaul repair. after three months, the car was like new with a few extras. apart from the original Recaro interior, i installed vent windows, power windows, electric antenna (which i could control independently), BBS RS 001 wheels with 195/50/15 tires, Bilstein B12 Kit springs and shocks. in the cars lifetime i removed the stock engine and replaced it with a 2E engine from a mk3 gti. it held about 70.000km and broke so i returned to a 2H engine, this time with a powersprint 4-1 manifold. 9 months later a Porsche Boxster lost control on the highway and hit me from the side pushing me into the planks. after that, nothing was left of the car.




The third and current mk1 is a black sportline, stock engine, Powersprint 4-1 manifold, Sebring exhaust, black fifft tail lights, stock Recaro interior except for the American knee bar with the mounting for the power windows controls on top – i replaced the central console with one from a limosine mk1 which is a bit wider, i also connected a few vdo instruments, the vent windows i removed from the red mk1 and build them into this mk1 too. the top i replaced too, this time by myself with the help of a friend of mine and this time too, a vinyl instead of plastic. as it was a pleasure to drive a Bilstein B12 i got a new kit quite cheap and that was also fitted. the wheels, BBS RS 001, i could save and drive them today. recently i fitted also a pair of fog lamps into the front bumper, they look like stock lamps… originally they are for a fiat but universal… thus allowing us to use them too.


007Hi Thomas – nice to see to your sportlines!

Check out his forum on



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