Chris’s J plate Sportline

Chris’s J plate Sportline
July 30, 2014 Hugh Coffey

This is my black sportline, known as beauty.


I’ve  been a lover of VW’s having owned several golf Gti’s. Always wanted a sportline after my mate had one several years ago.

Back last year I bought an 89 Gti cabby with 52k miles on the clock to restore to showroom condition, at the time I had a fiesta as a daily driver.

After following eBay everyday, beauty came up for sale, within 10 minutes of it being advertised I had bought it.

image (1)

Beauty then became my daily driver, it had bbs rm’s and coil overs as the pictures show, however good it looked I wanted to restore it to original.

Seeing as its a daily driver at the moment it’s never going to be completely mint, however if I sell the other cabby this will be taken off the road and turned into an immaculate example.

Wherever he goes he always gets complimented, the only person who doesn’t like it is the Mrs.


Hi Chris – thanks for stopping by and it sure is a beauty!

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