Gav’s K Reg Sportline

Gav’s K Reg Sportline
April 2, 2014 Hugh Coffey

I’ve owned my Sportline since March 2009, I was about to embark on a full restoration of my Alpine White Mk1 Golf GTI and then spotted the Sportline for sale. I realised it was a better option for me to buy an original unrestored car as I already had (and still have!) numerous other projects on the go.

So I sold the GTI project and along came the Sportline.


I’m the 5th owner, and intend to be the last! Tim, the previous owner, cherished the car and kept it under blankets in the garage. He had turned a few potential buyers away vetting their suitability as it’s future custodian, so thank you Tim for selling the car to me.



I’ve continued to maintain the car to an original standard with a few subtle tweaks. I’ve fitted a new mohair hood, genuine VW electric windows, genuine VW central locking and slightly lower front springs to even out the front/back rake. I’ve also had OE style floor mats created to give the interior a nicer OEM look.


Future plans are an OE style stainless exhaust, engine bay detail and to enjoy using it when the sun shines!

Great website Hugh!

Cheers Gav

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