Andy’s Red H Plate Sportline…

Andy’s Red H Plate Sportline…
April 16, 2014 Hugh Coffey

My name is Andy (Hairyarse on the MK1 Golf forum! J ) and I live in Stamford. Having owned a MK1 Golf GTI tintop for over 10 years, I’ve been a member of the club since the beginning and since I was a kid I’ve always had a passion for the MK1.

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If I’m honest, my recent acquisition of this Sportline was unplanned. I happened to come across it for sale on the internet at a price that seemed too good to be true and I couldn’t get it out of my mind. One phone call and a visit to see the car a few days later revealed a pretty fine example of a Sportline at a very decent price.

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Having always had a soft-spot for a red Sportline, a deal was done and I was soon driving the car home – a 1991 H-Reg model so one of the earliest. With my tintop still off the road (it’s been 6 years!) on a long restoration, it was fantastic to get behind the wheel of a MK1 again – I was smiling straight away!

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The car itself is in good overall condition, having had a fair amount of money spent on it in the last 5 years or so and with gaining little mileage. I’ve already made a few cosmetic improvements, such as new mats, gear knob and rear badge. Mechanically the engine is very sweet having had the head refurbished but there is an oil leak to attend to and fuel is leaking out the top of the fuel tank when I fill up so a new O-ring under the sender cover will be fitted soon. Other than that a few minor areas of paint need attention but it’s a really sound car, and with 137,000 miles on it the interior is incredibly tidy.

The car was originally running on Azev A’s – which I liked – but also included in the sale were the original BBS RA’s, freshly refurbished so they have now been fitted and the Azevs sold. I am an originality ‘geek’ so it will be kept mostly standard.

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With the recent poor weather, it was over a week before I could get the top down and use the car as intended – and I now understand it! I never really hankered for a convertible before or understood all the fuss, but I’m really loving top-down motoring now, so this could well be a keeper for some time!

I do have to finish off by thanking Hugh – not just for this great site but for all the help and advice he’s given me both before and after the purchase. Top bloke, thanks Hugh!!

Well Andy – you sure have bagged a very nice sportline and another welcome addition to the sportline register club!

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