NEW sportline website merchandise

NEW sportline website merchandise
October 9, 2013 Hugh Coffey

Hi all…

For a time now I am have been working on some new ‘sportline’ merchandise to sell online.

With a little help from John Fair, I have just completed a new sportline design decal which encompases the two sportlines in red and black, my logo and website address.


I have tried to encorporate each into some small pieces of merchandise. Things like mugs and coasters, tee shirts, keyring, tablet bag, iphone holders and more to come…

sportline-leather-iphone4-case sportline-starburst-key-ring

All new items are using the sublimation printing process whereby full colour images, text and other graphics can be transferred into a receptive item. The process relies on a specialised ‘dye sublimation’ ink, which when heated changes from being a solid dye to being a gas, without passing through a liquid stage. Thus, the image becomes one with the product and is undetectable to touch and of superior quality.

Check out my shop to see whats available.

Cheers hugh


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