Lacoux black sportline – 1993

Lacoux black sportline – 1993
October 15, 2013 Hugh Coffey

Hello my name is laurent alias (laucox)  and I live in France.

I own a MK1 Golf cabriolet sportline black model.

MYCAB 09 2013

2012-08-04 Reims-51 IMG_283 Circuit

2012-08-04 Reims-51 IMG_334 Circuit

2013-07-20 15.47.29

2013-07-20 15.48.03



mon moteur 2

MY CAB 09 2013

year 04/1993, restored in 2007 and engine accessories in 2009

thank you you have created this site in honor of sportline – laurent

Thank you Laurent for taking the time to make contact with me and showing off your very fine example. It’s a smasher!


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