Ian’s Black sportline – L reg

Ian’s Black sportline – L reg
August 29, 2013 Hugh Coffey

Our Sportline was registered 04/08/1993 with 5 former keepers. We have changed the car between myself and my wife so it had probably had 3-4 owners.


It has 109k on the clock and we have owned it for 13 years, we did sell it back in 2000 and then bought it back in 2001 and had it ever since.


As far as we know the paint work is original and we have only put new suspension slightly lowered, stainless exhaust, mohair roof and a stereo system.


Many thanks.

Hi Ian many thanks for joining onto the register – I met Ian at the 2013 AGM in Uttoxeter and had a good chat with him about his motor. It’s a lovely example and one to be proud of. Keep in contact… Cheers Hugh.

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