Radiator Top Cover

Radiator Top Cover
April 1, 2013 Hugh Coffey

Hi all…

As you know I have loads of spare time…!

So I decided I would replicate some radiator cards for the mk1 engine. I got some info and details from Matt & Anna on the mk1 forum about a company in the UK, got some sample mill-board material and then went about making them.

I have drawn up a couple of templates using CorelDraw from an original I had in my mk1 stash and then cut them out on the Laser Cutter. It took a good bit of testing to get it right, before I got what’s below in the pics!


Proper cut out as per an original.4

Nice textured look.


Laser engraved the part number 171 121 293 G and the VW and AUDI logo’s.


Looks like it was always there?


Very happy with the finished product – just need to road test it. If you would like one by all means drop me an email. Have a few in my parts bin!

Cheers Hugh.

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