Chris’s new engine bay…

Chris’s new engine bay…
March 25, 2013 Hugh Coffey

Hi all…

Just a little feature on fellow sportline owner Chris from Scotland who has been doing a little bit in his engine bay. This should give everyone the encouragement to do what he has done before the show/summer season kicks in… results look very smart.

Have a look:

A51CBA40-049A-4B77-B60F-DC37211B9085-33507-0000042CAC8941BC_zps1f9cbcccClean down and remove all the gunk

682C8CA6-CA7B-42B4-AE97-0F9350583BF0-37181-00000492F8C0AD2F_zpsef8a99caFirst coat of paint on – Chris went for matt black.


Second coat on and masking removed

728029A4-BD1C-4C62-A980-4D8A030CEF95-53931-0000065F8D55116F_zpsa77f88eeWater pump and oil cooler back on

6F44E15B-8C7E-4C17-A2F2-D5F6B4849ED2-53931-0000065FBA0EEBFD_zps233fbe50All the bits back in and looking very smart and tidy – nice colour match to his reconditioned gearbox.

Well done mate – tasty job.

Cheers Hugh.

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