Sportline on P-slots…

Sportline on P-slots…
February 26, 2012 Hugh Coffey

Hi all…

With the bbs ra’s gone to get a refurb the sportline is now on the pirelli p-slot alloys.

What you think? Better or worse? All comments welcome…

Apologies for the quality of the pic – the light wasn’t the best that day…

Cheers Hugh

Comments (3)

  1. Del 7 years ago

    They don’t look as good as the BBS alloys Hugh, but certainly do the job for a temporary fix.

  2. Graham 7 years ago

    The car would look good on anything Hugh!.The p slots look to be in great nick so should be a good investment.

  3. tubbett 7 years ago

    They look superb 🙂 i have a gti campaign that im restoring and been looking for a set of these correct wheels for ages, missed the last set i found on ebay cause i was on an oil rig! if you get tired with them i will collect and pay handsomely. superb looking car, (been looking for one of those as well 🙂

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