Car gone to storage…

Car gone to storage…
October 23, 2011 Hugh Coffey

Hi all…

Just put my car in storage for the winter!

It has been in my shed most days over the summer period  when not in use on those nice sunny days!

This winter I have put it into a proper secure storgae unit for the harsh winter months, to free up some space in my shed.

Will be able to check on it and still do some little bits…

Cheers Hugh

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  1. Chris 7 years ago

    Did you put the golf in storage next to your Enzo and Gallardo?
    Mine us taxed for the year so that I can enjoy the lovely Scottish winter weather!!


    • Author
      Hugh 7 years ago

      You weren’t supposed to tell everyone that I also have an Enzo and a Gallardo…! LOL

      Enjoy your winter driving…

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