Ian’s Black Sportline – H158 AAB

Ian’s Black Sportline – H158 AAB
April 22, 2011 rnailer

Hello all, here are some pictures of my Sportline.

My name is Ian and live in Leicestershire.


Its 1991 H158 AAB i bought it with 119k miles on the clock, i made the purchase from a guy who had it stored in garage for 10 years and was in need of a proper wash & wax, it sailed straight through the MOT.


I have had the car since 2010 and it gets so much attention from the general public with people telling how nice the car is, it’s completly standard apart from the rear lights which i am in the process of finding a decent set of original ones.


I hope you like it and i look forward to seeing on the ‘Sportline register’.


Ian – an excellent example – the change of rear lights will bring it to standard. I like the added touch of the bonnet bra and the metal pressed plates!

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