Netherlands Mk1 Club…

Netherlands Mk1 Club…
January 28, 2011 Hugh Coffey

Hi all sportline fans…

Just made contact with a member of the above club in Netherlands – Rene. He has purchased my mk1 fogs lamps I had for sale in my parts bin!

They are enroute to him as we blog…

He has emailed a useful link to mk1 cabriolets based in the Netherlands:

I have added it as a link to my links page… have a look…

Cheers Hugh

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  1. Rene 8 years ago

    Hi Hugh,

    The fogs lamps came in today and the are marvelous, just what i was looking for!
    In the mean time i installed an original vw leather steering wheel from a ’93 passat GT…
    Keep up the good work with your website, i’ll send you some pics of my MK1 cabrio within a couple of months.

    Cheers, Rene

    • Author
      Hugh 8 years ago

      No problem. Glad you are happy with them. Look forward to more pics of your motor in the coming months.

      Cheers Hugh.

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