Antonis Mk1 cabrio in Cyprus…

Antonis Mk1 cabrio in Cyprus…
January 26, 2011 Hugh Coffey

Some pictures from Antonis who is restoring a mk1 cabrio in cyprus no less. He has made contact throught the website looking for some advice and help…

Some details on his car are:

VW MK1 BLACK KARMANN 1.8 GTI – car was bought new from vw cyprus by him and its 20 years old now. He is the only owner (almost unique) and his main problem is that when it rains, water comes in from passengers door. He has decided to replace ALL rubber seals, have a full service  MOT etc. Car more or less is flawless and engine has only 80k kilometers on the clock.

If you have a suggestion or a comment please post on this page… thanks Hugh.

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