Sportline Register…

Sportline Register…
October 21, 2010 Hugh Coffey

Hi all…

Just to follow up on a few queries I am getting through the website.


The feedback I am getting is very positive and people who own mk1 cabriolets are generally interested and bookmarking the website. People will have a read in the history section, browse the pictures and keep an eye to the registers.

The Sportline Register:

If you have a ‘sportline’ or ‘rivage’ or ‘clipper’ or any mk1 golf cabriolet model and you would like to show your pictures and information about you and your car, any modifications or what your next ongoing task is – just email hugh @

I will do the rest.

It is hoped this section will build over time.


A lot of people have said they are very impressed with the standard of pictures taken – I can’t take all the credit for that. I have a colleague who is into photography and his work is evident in some of the galleries.


Feel free to leave any comment – some have already.

Regards Hugh.

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